Microblading; your new ticket to permanent makeup


For ladies, makeup is a very crucial routine they have to do every morning and every other time they want to go out. Having to go over it, again and again, is why many ladies are no longer into makeup. But you should not give up that fast. What if there is a way to permanent makeup?

It is no longer a matter of “if”, but rather a reality. Microblading is the new hot thing in beauty and fashion. Your eyebrows should never be a bother anymore. But before you get that all exited, let’s know what it is.

What is microblading?

22lkdjklrjThis is like a tattoo done on your brows, but you will not be using a machine. It does not matter whether you have broken eyebrow hair, you can have it done to the full length and look natural. It involves drawing hair like figures across your brows to mimic your natural eyebrows.

How long does it last?

Imagine going for 6 or more months without having to put makeup on your brows? That is how long microblading could give to your new brows before you need a retouch. For some, it can even go up to 18 months. This is the simplest way to get permanent makeup and reduce some of your everyday routines.

Why should you consider microblading?

It seems that everyone is finding their way into the new way to take care of your brows (even celeb are deep in it), it is now your turn. But before you take that huge leap, you should know about the perks that will come your way.

It is permanent: Well, it is not that it will be taking forever like your natural hair, but the promise of lasting long is a sure one. You will not be waking up every morning and give your brows that fine touch with pencils. You will no longer need this.

It is not painful at all

If you are afraid of pain, the process is pain-free. You could even take a midday nap as it is done on you.

Does not cost you much

This may be a contemporary procedure, but it does not ask much out of your pocket. It is within your pocket means. Add that to the fact that you will no longer have to spend a few minutes before your makeup mirror.

Saves your time

33hijghirhIf every morning you would not leave before your every eyebrow hair seemed straight and in its position, you no longer have to go over this. Microblading has taken care of that for good.

Fit well just like your natural hair: no one will ever notice that you have some changes on your eyebrows (of course not unless you told them).

It will fit in place just like it belongs there

For that extra beauty you always wanted to bring out in your brows, it is now within your grasp. Make your appointment today and forget all about your eye pencils. Bring out your beauty in a simple way.