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What to consider when purchasing hair salon equipment and beauty supplies

The Process consider when buying hair salon equipment

There are some necessary things to remember to purchase when getting hair salon equipment. Opening a salon can be as exciting as it is stressful.There is so much to do and consider. Equipment can be acquired online, from catalogs or trade shows. The great thing about a show is that you get to test it and see how it feels.

Set up

The waiting area is part of the reception area. It is the right place to have to shelve to sell the products used in the salon or other products that are secondary. The desk should convey professionalism and efficiency. A chair, computer, register, and phone system will also be needed for the area.

 Shampoo area

The right chairs that recline and meet the sinks are essential. The chairs may be padded for additional comfort. These both will need to be at the right height to protect the backs of shampooers.


Next will be the area for hooded dryers. Here is where there should be plenty of magazines or television to watch. The dryers are available in a wide price range. The more stylish and comfortable they are the more they cost.

Adjustable chair

2An excellent styling chair will ensure comfort. This is where a customer spends most of their time in the salon. It is also where the operator spends their most time working. The chair must be adjustable whether with a hydraulic or motorized base. A trolley may be best because of the ease of moving them. They come with appliance holders. This allows a stylist to go from one station to another if necessary. They are also easy to keep clean.

Massage chairs

Pedicures and manicures will need their stations. The station for pedicures is best as an all in one unit. These will have massage chairs attached to the foot basin with rests. The customer will have their back rubbed right along with their feet and calves.

Purchasing hair salon equipment is an expensive task.It cuts deeply into capital. Used equipment may be a consideration to save on costs. Some companies do offer leasing programs. The payments would ideally come from the profits. At the end of the leasing term, you become the owner of all the equipment.

3If you don’t like to hop from one store to another, you can alternatively go on the internet. There are many online stores offering great bargains for salon equipment and some even offer free shipping or affordable package deals. It is one of the easier and cheaper ways to get the equipment you need without wasting too much time or energy going around. You can also search for wholesale hardware prices that are also great bargains.


5 Amazing tips to buying top beard products

Did you know that women find beards attractive? The 2012 study by Nixon and Vasey stated that men with beard appeared to be of a higher social class and that women found them more appealing.

Proper beard care is important to achieve that sophisticated look. There are a variety of top beard products in the market. These include beard oils, trimmers, moisturizers, etc. How do you tell which beard product to buy?

What to Do

You need the right products in order to achieve your desired look? How do you go about choosing? Consider the following tips;

Check Product Reviews

Find out what other people say about the product you are about to buy. You can get this information online or from friends who have already used the said product. Are majority of the reviews positive? If that’s not the case, consider another product.

Beard Length

222rewIs it just a stubble, middle stage or full stage beard? This will influence your choice of products such as trimmers and oils. A trimmer that can be adjusted to suit your length will be more appropriate if you have a full stage beard. Heavier oils will come in handy for such beards.


In most cases, the price of a product is proportional to its quality. If a product is too cheap, it’s probably a substandard product. Compare prices of top beard products widely before purchasing any product. You can’t afford to spend too much on a product that is not worth it.

Usability of Product

Some of the product used on beard cannot be used in some parts of the face. Consider whether the product you intend to buy can be used on parts that are hard to reach such as under the nose. This includes shaving creams as well, can they harm if used too close to the nostrils?


High-quality products should be able to give you your desired look. They should be durable as well. If they use the battery, how long is the charging time and how long does the power last? This goes for trimmers and oils as well. Are the ingredients in the oil beneficial to your beard? What’s the expiry date once you open the bottle? You should get the best service for the money you spend.

333kjhTo achieve a masculine look, the kind of look that turns heads, you need the best beard care products. Do your due and try Beyond Beard and purchase products that will leave you satisfied with the results.